Sunday, March 23

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a safe and blessed Easter, not to mention one filled and ladened w/a lot of sugar and chocolate. You know ours was! hehehe The Easter Bunny stopped by this a.m. for the kiddo's and then we went to Grandma's for the sugar fix.

Little do they know... most of that candy will be going to hubby's work with him! Grandma decided to buy the premade baskets, open them up and FILL Them with more! Yikes! Hubby and I got a Easter tub together and it mostly contained candy & chocolate for me and some shirts and shorts for hubby. Oh and some jammies and a nightie thing that will probably both be going back to the store. She finds it so hard to shop for me lol.

Want to know what else she got me??? She asked so I told her and she offered! A BIND IT ALL! !!! Woo hoo. So I just need to find the best price and then off I am to purchase! Can't wait to buy one. Ohhh the things I can make with that puppy! woo hoo.

I'm hard at work but will post something shortly. Ciao

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