Tuesday, January 15

Why NO....

I don't go to sleep... can ya tell? heheh

I was just at the PTI release partay... hey I don't get out much so I gots to take any Partay I can gets! ehehhe

Anywho, I realized that I haven't posted much even though I've been ordered to so I thought I should get to it.
Here are the goodies I received from my secret elf... I think there's another picture somewhere, but I've lost it for good. The hot cocoa mix is divine and I don't let the kids have any hehehe. The chocolate is gone, vamoosed... I don't know what happened officer, honestly! I love the cards and 6x6 pages. I've already used the copper eyelets on the card below. LOVE my goodies!

And THIS card started out as an 'easy' card to send to my pet sitting clients for the holidays, but that didn't quite work out that way. Yes, it does have CONTRABAND on it... in the form of a NON SU stamp **tsk tsk**. But I couldn't help it. I saw the stamps on Lauren Meader's blog so I think it should be HER fault!! Totally!! There's not guy around to take the fall. She ranks up there w/my other heroes... check out her blog. Not to mention her UBER cool puppy Daisy. What a cutie pie!
I have another version of this card, but I've sent it to ppl so I wanted to wait until they received it before I posted it.

The card looks kind of faded but I'm not sure why! I used the retired Linograph BG stamp from SU and I LOVE that stamp! What a cool pattern. Everything else is SU except the dog and scalloped oval punch. The dog is Lucky, made by C.C. Designs and can be found at www.allthatscraps.com. I love that store!


Dana said...

Awww, what a cute doggie card! I'll bet it was perfect for your clients. I'm so proud of you for using NON-SU stamps!!!!!!
Now go get some sleep!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Hey Bobbie!
I JUST got this card in the mail today! you made my day. You are always the sweetest person ever.
I JUST now realized you had a blog! WHY didn't you tell me sooner?
Anyway-thanks girl! Added ya to my blogroll.
Nice to see a photo you you and the hub's too!!
Hugs my friend