Wednesday, January 9

I Have Been Commanded....

by the powers that 'be' (which would be my GIRL Dana! heheh) to post more pics of my creations, which I do admit has been pretty sparse lately. Sorry, but I find the whole upload the pics, crop the pics then upload to my blog tedious... but I will get right on it!

Seriously though, I do need to scan in the cards from the BIO group I was in so I can earn some FREE sudsol! I really do enjoy SUDSOL (Simply Unique Demonstrators Sharing Online), it's a GREAT resource for Stampin' Up! Demonstrators. So CHECK IT OUT!! Just be sure to tell them I sent ya so I can get some free time! hehehe

On that note, here's a card I made for a birthday party Lgirl attended in December. I try to take a part of the invite (if possible) and incorporate it into the Birthday card. This works well, esp. if it's a 'themed' birthday party. This one was... 13 boys and 2 girls, can you say YIKES??!

So, Lgirl got to be a Pikachu for a couple of hours! Not to mention she kicked some serious boy butt on Pin the Tail on the Pikachu and won the game! Bwahhh hahhahhaha*******
I will upload more and have more to share! I better start creating! hehehe
P.S. By the show of hands... how many ppl want to see what I look like? Interested in a pic of me and the hubster? hehehe **those who KNOW what we look like, keep'em DOWN!!**


Dana said...

YAY! You posted something you made!
Cute card, and go L-girl on beating those boys! She's so smart it doesn't surprise me though.

So um...does it count if I don't remember what you look like?! *grin* Just kidding! I have photos of you and J both. But I would like to see one posted on your blog too!

krittertrey said...

I see y'all pretty often so ya know I know whatcha look like too but if my vote will count I vote that ya put a pic up too. Also ya need to change L-girl and G-mans pic-it makes me cold looking at them-LOL. Traci

Alli Miles said...

Hello there! How are you bloggin friend? It's been a while since I visited your blog but have to say I think I need to go and make something to eat after seeing all that good food!!! This is a great card...Are you going to join me in the PTI forum this month? And next? And the month after that? *lol* I am eagerly watching Nichole's blog for the goods.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a family photo.