Saturday, January 19

New Colors....

though I don't know if I like them! Black looks cool on other blogs but looks so darn dark on mine! hehehe

I have also FINALLY updated my blogrolll... can you believe I actually read/peruse ALL THESE BLOGS DAILY??? I am AMAZED! And scared a bit lol. I try to whittle it down, but every time I take one off I add one on! Yikes!

So, take a peek at some of them. They are GREAT!


Dana said...

I think the dark blue and pink look great! I like the updated look...makes it look new and fun.

WOW, you DO read a lot of blogs!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie--you won some candy on my blog, but I can't find your email addy to get your snail mail. Please visit me again and email through my blog your snail mail! Thanks!