Saturday, January 12

Me & the Hubster!

Here we are! My upline, Tracy, **waves hey girlfriend** gave me a GREAT tip that if you stick your chin out towards a camera while taking a picture, it gets rid of your double chin.

Well, it didn't work for me on this pic but it did for my hubby. When I married him he had WAY more hair and a goatee... I loved that goatee. But when he became a reserve police officer, he had to get rid of the goatee (he didn't like himself w/a moustache) and he started buzzing his hair... the travesty of it all! hehehe


krittertrey said...

Good pic. Traci

Dana said...


OMG you guys are gorgeous! Just gorgeeous! *said in a "lawn guyland" accent*

Amy said...

Oh girl, I've been using that trick for years. I'm constantly telling my sister to do it but she always forgets and then complains about the double chin! Or, even funnier, she sticks her neck out too far and she looks like a chicken. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Jon...smiling? Who knew?