Friday, January 11

Have You Ever Heard of...

WEBKINZ... I think it's a secret organization that is INFILTRATING our youth's minds and getting them to control US! Yikes!!!

I cannot wait until Lgirl is old enough to play the games, work the jobs and make the money herself... how long do I have to wait?! Too long! hehehe

Okay, here's a quick baby card I had to make for my MIL the morning of the function... not too shabby if I do say so myself! hehehe All ingredients are SU!

I'm SO excited! All my SU orders have shipped, and I place the 2 of them a WEEK apart... wowzers! Can't wait to get them! Woo hoo! Catalogs AND Goodies are on their way!


Amy said...

Hi, it's Amy from MOPS, told you I'd stop by! Cute card designs, mine never, ever come out looking that good. Way to go! Oh, and that trifle down a few entries looks awesome, I bet it tasted amazing!

Dana said...

I find it hard to believe that your MIL is having a baby...*Brawhahahah*

Cute card anyway! *grin*