Friday, December 21

YES, it HAS been...

FOREVER since I've posted. Interesting how time flies when you've got too much on your plate lol. This past week was a doozy. Lgirl had her Christmas Program Tuesday evening and Christmas party WEdnesday. So that meant I had to make Teacher gifts and goodies for her classmates AFTER the program.

Yes, I did stay up until 2:30am and Gman deemed it necessary to wake up just as my head touched my pillow and keep me up another hour... can you say YIKES?! hehehe
Here's a quick pick of what I made the teachers. Both got coaster calenders and a covered list. I also made peppermint bark and put it into some coffee bags I ordered. I LOVE that stuff. It is so delish! (Can you tell one teacher's favorite color is pink and the other's is purple? hehe)

Oh and that Pumpkin cake I sent to work w/hubby? Apparently set some kind of record because it was gone by 9am! Can you BELIEVE it?! I am in the middle of making another one to take to the Family Christmas get together tomorrow. I'm baking the cake right now and will put it all together tomorrow a.m. I'm going to put it into a trifle bowl, so I KNOW it will look good no matter how bad it looks! heheh If I remember, I will definitely take a picture of it.

I'm also going to start some spinach and feta cheese phyllo dough thingys. I will bake them in the a.m. so they will be 'fresh', well fresher than baking them tonight. They sound simply divine too! I can't wait to try them.

I also have to go take care of some dogs in the a.m. and maybe try to run by walmart and pick up the pics of the kids so I can send off the Christmas cards. Yes, I'm VERY late this year! I'm just getting out Gman's birthday invites and his bday is next FRIDAY! Hehhe Thank goodness he's only turning 2 and could care less. hehe
My parents will be arriving on Sunday! This was totally a last minute thing. I told my mom I'd pay for her to fly over (they live in Idaho) which originally would have been the 27th. Well, it was only $6 more for her to fly on the 23rd and I figured it was worth it for her to be able to spend Christmas with the kids. She hasn't seen Gman since he was born. She came for 2 weeks to help out. So it's been 2 years.
AND she asked me to get a ticket for my dad too so he can come. He's NEVER met Gman! I'm SOOO very excited. He wants to play with his grandkids, it's so odd to hear that as our other Papaw doesn't play with them ever. Sad, I know, but true.
Woo hoo I am sooo durn excited I could bust!! hehehe

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Sara Paschal said...

I had to come over and check out your blog. I love these sets, very nice.