Saturday, December 22

Just Desserts

Okay, here are the pictures of what we're taking to the family christmas today. I had them all packed up and opened them up to take the pictures.

First, here's the 4 Layer Lucious Pumpkin Cake in trifle form. The only thing missing (so use your imagination here) is I will top it off with carmel sauce (the ice cream topping kind) and scatter some chopped pecans on top. I, personally, don't like pecans, but I am betting that by the time I make it back for some, the pecans will be gone! One can hope can't one? heheh

Second picture is the Spinach and Feta Filled Phyllo Dough. Imagine spinach dip inside of phyllo dough if you will. DH says it's a bit bitter, but I just think it's the his subconscious dislike of the feta. It is a bit tangier from the Feta, but delicious none the less!

Okay, I'm off to shower and get ready for the get together. I've got to run into town and feed some dogs and pick up the kids' Christmas pictures... yes I'm THAT behind on my Christmas cards. hehehe. Then we're off to the Family Function in this BALMY 55 degree weather!!!

Can you believe at this time tomorrow we will have dropped 30 degrees? If not more?! Not to mention we'll acquire a 30-40 mph wind. I really dislike wind in the winter, it just cuts right thru ya! Yikes!

But on a good note, my parents will be flying in so you KNOW it will be all sunshine and birds a chirping tomorrow as I run around madly doing last minute cleaning and laundry.

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