Monday, December 3

Do Ya Love....

T!m Holtz? Well, do you know he's got a blog? (HEy, I could be the last one to know... it's happened before lol). I have been known to be THAT behind in the times! hehehe

Anywho... he's doing a Christmas Special... 12 Days of Christmas Techinques ! Can you believe it?! NOt to mention him giving out blog candy EVERY DAY TOO!!! Check it out HERE!

I have a snowball's chance... but a girl can dream! ehhhe THough today's technique scares me a bit.

Another AWESOME blogger is Starr Mercer (LOVE THAT NAME!!) She's a fellow SU demonstrator AND a Starbucks addictee. SHE's showcasing 12 DAYS OF RECIPES... the SKOR TOFFEE CHOCOLATE BARS look simply delish! I might have to make some of those hehehe.

So check out her blog too. I've got a sick child here at home that I get to 'drag' outta the house to FINALLY get my 2nd row, passenger side seat belt fixed (I hope!). We'll see how long it takes the dealership. Last time it took them 1 1/2 hrs to tell me they couldn't fix it without ordering a part. Nothing like waiting at a dealership that has a tv in the playroom that doesn't work and toys that have some much dirt and grunge on them you can't see who makes them. It had a dvd player w/no dvds though. I brought my own last week and couldn't get them to play. I seriously wanted to bang my head against the wall.

We were there a couple of months ago and I cleaned all the toys w/baby wipes and told them the chairs just needed to be wiped to get the BLACK smudges off of them. Do you think it got done? NOPE!

So I'm ready w/my CHARGED up portable DVD player (Black Friday snag!!) and I'll be taking dvds and a snack so hopefully the kids won't touch the dirty stuff. hehehe One can hope!

Have a GREAT day!


krittertrey said...

Hope your trip to the dealership went ok. Hope LG is feeling better. Sorry to hear she is sick. Hope rest of the family stays well. Traci

Cathy said...

Wow I just wanted to drop a line to let you know my goodies arrived safe and sound. I LOVE IT ALL! Thanks so much.