Tuesday, June 19

Animal Rescue Clicking

Please click! Hi everyone... I've added a button (I think) for you to click, just a click and nothing more. From this click, rescue animals will get fed. Isn't that amazing? Here's the link, and I've also added their image to my blog.

I'm a dog lover at heart and I do like cats too. I hope so since I have 2 lol.

Thanks so much. I will be posting later! *Ü*


Anonymous said...

Great sites-I have clicked daily for a long long time. Traci

Dana said...

I've had those sites on my blog since it's inception, and I agree, I try to do a daily click on ALL of them...so important and it takes no effort whatsoever.

Maybe it's just my computer, but your link on the side isn't working for me...