Saturday, June 2


has it been over a week? Well, can I tell you the last day I post my nose blew up (figuratively speaking lol) and I went to the doc on Friday and found out I have a bad sinus infection. I kept telling DH to take Gman in before memorial day but he didn't think he needed to go. Then I told him to take him to med check on Monday to no avail. Both my kids are not very sick when they are sick. Hardly any symptoms at all. Just a little fussier and wanting to be held more. I thought at first it was molars, but after 8 days of runny nose (sometimes yellow) I decided to take him in this past Wednesday...DOUBLE EAR INFECTION again! Poor boy!

Then today was Lgirl's 4th birthday. Where does the time go? My goodness... I can remember when she came into the world. So I've been racing like a mad woman doing stuff for that. Made cupcakes and had a couple of kids over for lunch and 'party games'. It's so funny watching them pin the tail on the puppy hehhee. She doesn't need much but grandma went a bit overboard w/the princess stuff. What can I say? She's the only granddaughter. Gman doesn't make out nearly as good, but it's harder to buy for boys... clothing is a major bummer! No cool stuff at all.

I'm in a By Invitation Only (BIO) Swap that started last month. THe card we had to make was a triangle Trifold. I am going to start posting these, one a day so you guys can see all the awesome cards. We were to pick our favorite and that person won a prize.

I will list the creator and try to get a pic of the inside too. I am going to try something new and scan them in vs. taking a pic and having to upload and then reduce the size. Here' s the first card by Sharon Einstein. I was seriously thinking about buying Roses in Winter and then it went on the retirement list so I was majorly bummed. I still might try and trade for it. Would love to have it or even just borrow it... hey ... maybe I'll ask my upline! hehehe

Isn't this card gorgeous? I Love it! I hope you can get some inspiration from it!


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