Thursday, June 14

River Rock BG?

Hey all you People out there w/your FALL PREVIEW stuff already... is this like the River Rock color? Is it close? Or am I WAY OFF and looking like I'm a bit 'sick' hehehe. Saw this and thought it tooked a bit like RIver ROck so I thought I'd try it. I don't have my goodies yet, I am getting them on the 18th so I am waiting ever so patiently... **as my foot is a tap, tap, tapping!!**

Oh and I took an update pic of the kids, not as cool of a pose as the current one, but as close as I could get them. Gman doesn't seem to take direction all too well. So much of a MAN already. Thought I might get to 'mold' him a bit but I guess I'm fighting a losing battle when I come up against Genetics! heheheh I'll get that posted right quick here!

Hugs to all of you!


SpAzzGiRL said...

The kiddos are too cute.
Having seen anything new yet and still resisting the urge to order anything...must resist, must resist.

Greta said...

i got my don't be haten...lmao...yeah it's kinda close....
love the new colors