Thursday, October 1

The Riley Rush!

Sorry I have been incognito, but I am trying to rush around & get my goods ready for Riley Days.... what is that you ask?

Well, every year, my town of Greenfield hosts the Riley Festival. It's in honor of James Whitcomb Riley and includes a 4 day craft and vendor show. I don't normally do craft shows that are more than one day because of my kiddos. But my girlfriend who makes Photo Quilts needs something to sell in the booth.

Long story short, she called me and now I'm madly dashing around lol. Getting my greeting cards ready and different sorts of crafts. The only bad thing about this show is it is outside so I must put everything in bags. Yes, it's as tedious as it sounds lol. Not to mention trying to make things look nice in plastic or cellophane! Yikes.

Soooo if you get a chance to come by Riley Days, please drop by and say Hi! We'll be on Main Street where Memories in Time used to be. I am planning on being there on and off the next 4 days. I will be volunteering at the Humane Society Booth from 11a-1p on Saturday so stop by if you are there! :)

Here's a card I made for a friend's Daughter who turned ONE last month. What a FUN age!

I better get back to the grind. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Glad Fall is finally here! Woo hoo. I love this weather.

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Anonymous said...

Cute card-don't kill yourself working so much at Riley Days cause I know you are already tired from getting things ready. Fall-YUK-that means winter is TOOOOOO close and ya know I hate it. GIVE ME SUMMER and not a cool one like this one was!!!! Traci

P.S. Look I remembered to sign it.

Life is crazy around here too-I am the chairman of A's bookfair at school and getting volunteers to help set up, work it and tear down is like the military-HURRY UP AND WAIT!!!