Saturday, October 31

Halloween Goodies

Happy Halloween! Sorry I have been missing, but I have been getting ready for a Holiday Bazaar I will be in that starts today.

Here's what I made for Gman's class & his treats that he gave out. Have a sweet & safe Halloween! hehe
I want my mummy!

Arrrgghhh! We have an INFESTATION!

Oh whew! Just bats, which I like because they eat mosquitoes!

I will be posting various Halloween costume pictures, as well as our Trick or Treating Ride from tonight. Be safe!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Holy cow! The other mom's must hate you, how can they keep up? He, he! :)


Anonymous said...

Both of those are too cute. Hope your bazaar went great. Traci