Monday, February 18

Valentine Goodies

Yes, I KNOW it's a bit late, not to mention I think last year's post was the very same title! Wow, can I be ANY more original? I think NOT! hehehe

Any who, here's a pic of Lgirl's valentine stuff. I wanted to make them 'quick and easy' as I know the kids don't give a hoot! I made both teachers an acetate box for the ghiradelli (Thanks LAUREN!!) I love that girl's BLOG!! So much creativity in such a small package! hehehe

Quick and Easy candy cello bags! I let her color the images and then I cut them out.

Here are the teacher's gifts. I forgot names on them, bad mommy, bad mommy!!

Here's the girl herself enjoying her cupcake. She's such a ham sometimes, making everyone laugh. And then there are times when her head spins and fire comes outta her nose and mouth.

And here's the faux flower pot. I made this for my girfriend, Storm (Waves wildly, Hey Girlfriend!), and delivered it to Cynthia's Wednesday evening. I sent along a hand towel and a pair of socks. I also sent candy, but didn't take a picture of it.

Well, I was going to post again, but my eyes wont' stay open for some reason. **hummmm, I wonder what could cause that?! hehe**



Anonymous said...

Cute gifts. When you are as cute as Lgirl you can be a ham. Traci

Alli Miles said...

This is so cute! I bet your friend loved it.