Monday, February 18

Has It Only Been...

a WEEK??? My goodness, it feels like a month has gone by lol. I told you I'd be busy for the week last Monday and I was RIGHT!!

Let's see.... I can run it down in a nutshell. I had to make Valentine's gifts for Lgirl's preschool class and teachers. I got the JOY of bringing the cupcakes for her party which was on Wednesday. The whole time worrying they were going to cancel the party! Yikes!

Then I had to make the card samples for a Stampin' Party one of my hostesses (HI DEENA!!) is having on the 24th. I delivered them along with her other stuff to her house.

I was getting over being sick AND the kiddos were sick also. I had to prep for an ALL Day Crop to support out local Blue Fusion Dance Team here at the Greenfield Central High School. I offered a 3 Card Workshop for $5 and a Photo Wallet Workshop for the same price. I had a File Folder Tag Book Workshop but didn't get the sample finished.

I think (how bad am I that I can't remember?!) I participated in the C&C106 on Friday, but it's a blurr!

Then Saturday night after having gone to bed at 2am, Gman decides to wake up at 2:30am and toss and turn and keep me awake until 4am. Boy when 6:30am came around I was tired lol. Oh and not to mention my llama dog got the BUTT flu. That's such a JOy w/a big dog! Yikes.

So after the Crop, I got to come home and move furniture outta the kitchen, sweep and then mop it all! What fun. Though having a clean floor does make me feel a lot better! I don't mind vomit but when it comes from the other end I have serious cleaning issues and worry about germs. Sorry about the grossness and TMI, I'll stop now. I promise! hehe

Okay, I'm off to post pics in separate posts.


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