Wednesday, April 7

Easter Weekend

We start off the Easter weekend with an Egg Hunt on Good Friday. It usually consists of my kiddos & a couple of other kids that we hang with regularly. Here's a picture of the line up of kids. Waiting for the go ahead to go collect the eggs:

Here's the goodie bags I whipped up really quick to put their goodies in. I really LOVE that chocolate bunny!

I didn't want to give out the traditional junk, so everyone got those paper planters, a mixture of seeds and a bubble wand & tray (those are just plain cool!). That way they could take the goodies home & grow something and learn about it. Instead of having junk that will clutter the already-cluttered home! :)

Here's the Easter Card my gals made last month for the holiday. You can't tell, but the yellow panels are textured and everyone made two. One had yellow panels & one had blue panels. The clouds are hand made also.

And here's what the inside looked like:

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