Monday, April 5

Back in the Swing...

of things! Can I say that Spring Break is just one big Fight Week for my kids.
*** NOTE: those with a weak stomach about puking & stuff should NOT read the rest of this post! **

Well, poor Lgirl got the stomach flu (NO fun) the first weekend of Spring Break. Then I thought Gman had caught it, but apparently he's one of those kids that pukes from eating candy pretty much ALL day at Grandma's.

Then I wouldn't let him eat anything for two days to which I found out he's also the kinda kid that pukes in the early morning hours because he has an empty stomach & has collected too much bile in it. Make sense? I know, not to me either, but he didn't have the flu. That's all I know for SURE!

Lgirl did get to have 2 friends sleep over, on consecutive days mind you. NOT the same night, I don't think I could handle that lol. We had Maddy stay Thursday night. We picked her up in the a.m. & headed to the zoo. Where everyone in the INDIANAPOLIS area decided to go also!

Oh, and I ALSO learned that Maddy gets car sick in the 3rd row of my van. Yes, I learned a lot last week. Most of which revolved around puke! Yes, she did indeed puke in my van. But I was ready for it since I had the 'just in case' stuff for Gman. Though she did miss the jug and hit her clothes & my van floor. No worries, we had extra clothes and a towel. Always nice to be prepared lol.

Here's a picture of the kids after we were done. I was wiped out!

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