Tuesday, June 10

Lgirl's Birthday Invites

Okay, here is the picture of Lgirl's birthday invites. They are the 'ever popular' popsicle cards. I made them 4x3 so they would fit into a regular envelope. I also made them open at the top so I could get 3 out of one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

This is a picture of Lgirl in her graduation cap from her Preschool Graduation. Next year she starts kindergarten! Can you believe it?! Wowsers. Time sure does fly. We just had her birthday party this past Saturday and she had a GREAT time. I will post a picture of what she received for her birthday, or at least one of the items.



Vivian Swain said...

You have been tagged! See my blog for details.

Vivian Swain

Amy said...

Adorable invites!

And adorable picture, too cute in her little cap!

I am feeling much better, gotta love 12 weeks you know!

Let's get together sometime soon!