Saturday, June 21

Been Busy.... & AA Entry

trying to alter a BUNCH of stuff for the craft show I have coming up next week. It's here locally and the only summer one I'll be in. It's the Pennsy Art Fair. Feel like stopping BUY to see what I have??? Come on down!

Sorry I've been neglecting you guys. I am going to show you what I made for the Artisan Awards Contest that Stampin' Up! holds every year. I don't think I'll try for next year. While I understand that winners from last year can enter again this year, I just don't think it is fair.

One of the winners won again, which is GREAT for her, but I cannot compete w/a person who can put in a $700 order for the contest... wowsers... not to mention it doesn't give the rest of us a chance really. Oh enough whining... I'd like Chipolte Chedda to go with that (my new FAVORITE cheese!!).
Here's one of the cards I made for the AA. It's a z fold card. I also did crayon resist on glossy paper AND made a 3D flower w/the doodle this set. VERY cool! The other pic shows the inside of the card.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Coud you send me an email to dawnmercedes at hotmail dot com so we can discuss your PIF prize?


Amy said...

Beautiful card. But they always are, you are such a talent!

I was just talking to Carrie today about the fair. We should see you on Saturday!

Dana said...

This is beautiful too. Wow, you really went all out this year, didn't you?! Don't give up just because some of the rules aren't fair...keep pushing, you never know what might happen in the face of all odds.