Sunday, June 1

Baby Name Frames

Here are the 2 name frames I made for a friend, Amy. She's sooo cool and fun. I met her last fall that the St. Michael's all day crop. How? I asked of the seats at her table were taken. They weren't and so my upline and AWESOME bud Tracy sat down.
Boy did we have her laughing a lot and almost peeing her pants. She even complimented me by saying how glad she was that we sat at her table. I love making people laugh... though I sometimes think I should get paid more for doing it?! hehehe
Anywho... hope you like them!
I'll be a bit busy this week... tomorrow is Lgirls BIRTHDAY!!! Then I've got my 8 for $10 tuesday night and Lgirl's birthday party on Saturday. Not to mention starting the day off right with a teeth cleaning at the old dentist! woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Bobbie - They both turned out beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your name frames are absolutely adorable. Wonderful job!

I was just checking to see if you recieved the Blogger RAK I sent you. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Your frames are adorable. Traci

lisa808 said...

Very nice.

Chrissy said...

Your name frames are adorable. A coworker of mine's daughter is pregnenet I may have to make her one of these frames.