Thursday, February 14

Be Mine Valentine!

Happy St. Valentines everyone! We've been busy here making Valentine's for both kids' classes. I prefer the non candy/sugar valentines so here are the valetines each child made. They are oldies (saw them last year) but mine hadn't made them yet.

L's valentines are friendship bracelets. We found the awesome text HERE (as well as the idea and G's valentines too!).

And here are G's valentines. He was worried the girls wouldn't like the bugs, so we taped organic lollipops (from yummy earth!!) to the backs of them. I'm sure all the girls will like his Valentine. 

Here he is looking quite proud of his Valentines. We had to go on a bug hunting expedition since the ones I ordered online wouldn't be here until tomorrow! :(

Hope you a wonderful day! I'm just so thankful that it will be near 50 degrees today. That's a good enough Valentine's gift to me! I remember one year it there was an ice storm. Yikes!


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