Wednesday, January 13

GSC Time!!!

Saturday we delved headlong into Girl Scout Cookie time! It's L's first time selling and she's set the bar high with a goal of 200 boxes! She wants to earn the Miranda Panda bear. In past years, I avoid the GSC at ALL Costs! Don't need those calories baby because you KNOW they just call my name! That's not to say that Grandma comes over and drops a few boxes off, but I usually hid them then forget about them lol.

The Hubster looked at the earning sheet and commented that the Panda Bear is one expensive bear... I told him it would be a LOT MORE expensive if we didn't sell 200 boxes!! So he needed to take the signup sheet to work! He such a good man, he did and sold 38 boxes! Woo hoo for the Hubster.

Anyways, here a picture of an AWESOME cookie that I was blessed with receiving for Christmas. I received them AFTER Christmas, but that's not a problem at all. Can you believe this is actually edible? Is it NOT a work of art? And let me tell you how delicious they were, I ate 3 of them you know. Well, mostly 3, I shared a couple of bites with L but I knew G would NOT appreciate them at all lol. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!

My friend, Bernadette, made them. The cookie is a cream cheese based sugar cookie. Don't even ask me how frosted & decorated the thing. Can you believe she's an engineer by trade? Don't you think she's missed her calling in the baking field? I do! She has us over for playdates whenever her hubby is out of town and then she uses me as a guinea pig for her gourmet dishes. What a hard life I lead let me tell you! I never enjoyed being a guinea pig as I do when I'm at her house! lol

Okay, I will have paper crafts for you to look at later this week!

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