Sunday, November 29

Just When...

you thought the Craft Season was over! Lol, I've got one more craft show this weekend and the sickie bug has hit our household!

The kiddos have had runny noses for the last week & the hubster & I BOTH have scratchy throats. I hope it's over soon. Though I know if I got more sleep it would make me heal up faster. So I'm going to make a promise (& keep it I hope!) to go to bed earlier tonight & I'm going to go chug down some Emergen-C! I have to drink the GROSS one (Acai Berry) and the kids & hubby get the good tasting one (Tropical Fruit). I'm just glad there's a flavor my kiddos like!

I've uploaded some Character Boxes for you to look at. I made them for the craft shows & they were a BIG hit! I filled them with mints & candies. Well, the elf wasn't a very big hit but the Santa's and Snowmen were. I'm also going to make some Rudolph's for this weekend.

I made the snowman's nose differently since the 3D one takes WAY too long to put together. The santa's mustache, bear & white on his hat are all textured, I don't know if you can see them. I got them from Tammy's website. I added the jingle bell myself to the left & textured the snowman's hat & changed his mouth. LOVE them!

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Anonymous said...

They are cute in the pics but even are really cute in person. Get well soon and I hope you are getting extra rest. Traci