Wednesday, October 13

So Busy...

I am amazed at how busy this week is! Last night we had to get to 3 haircut appointments in two hours, get dinner and get over to Literacy Night at my children's school.

It was 'Dress as Your Favorite Hero' night & the Lgirl went as Wordgirl and Gman went as Batman. So cute! It was nice to educate some people on just who Wordgirl is. I love her. Check her out here:

She's awesome, "Word UP!"

Today is the start of Grandparents week and I get to work in the kitchen dishing out food. I'm so excited and looking forward to working with the kitchen gals. A meeting in the evening.

Then Thursday a.m. I've got a card class, as well as Friday evening. Oh and don't forget Christmas Card Club Saturday evening.

Can you say too busy?! I will more than likely give up the meeting tonight. I want a night at home with the kiddos. Not to mention getting stuff done around here.

On a good note, I am making a concerted effort to be in bed by 10:30pm every evening. I did really good 2 weeks ago but not not too good last week. The only bad part of this whole 'plan' of mine is that craft show season is coming up and I have to kick it up a notch so to speak!

Hope you have a GREAT day and hug someone you love... or even like mildly.