Tuesday, May 5

Try This Sketch Challenge Winners!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been so stinking busy! I did survive making a Mother's Day gift with 22 (well only 20 since 2 were out) 6th graders! It was a bit harried as Storm (the AWESOME teacher and a good friend!) thought we'd be able to do it in 45 minutes. They completed the cards, but I finished up the box/bag they go in for the kiddos. I will post later.

The WINNER of the card entries was Entry # 1! Here it is:
Way to go LIBBY!!!

There was a tie between 2 SU Demo cards.... one was mine (woo hoo!) and the other was my Tracy G's (my upline). Here's her card:

Great job TRACY!!

I will figure out what the gift will be and send it to you guys! hehe Congrats again ladies. All the cards were FAB and I will have another Sketch Challenge in a few days!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya among the living-if ya hadn't surfaced soon I was going to call ya. I know don't faint!!! Traci